CBD oil can help you get healthier in 2023, including if you decide to quit smoking or drinking.
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CBD for a Healthier You in 2023

TRYING TO GET HEALTHIER IN 2023?  You’re not alone. After three years of a global pandemic, many are still working to find a new normal and get somewhere we feel happy and healthy. For Rational, this year comes down to a one-word theme:

Balance. For your mind, body, and soul.


Getting healthier means taking a look at your lifestyle and figuring out two things: what do I need to start doing, and what do I need to stop doing? Too often, people just add to-dos to their list without considering whether taking away something might be the better course of action.

It’s comfortable to stick to what we’ve been doing day in and day out for days, weeks, months, or even years. But sometimes it’s those very things that are holding us back the most.

For example, an acquaintance recently decided that in 2023, he was going to quit drinking. He doesn’t have an alcohol addiction or even what anyone would consider a “problem” – he just decided that eliminating alcohol was one way he could get rid of something that was keeping him from being as healthy as he wanted to be.

He removed alcohol from his routine, but at the same time, he added something else: CBD OIL.


Lots of CBD brands will evangelize CBD Oil and other products as the “key” to quitting drinking or smoking. But the truth is, YOU are the key.

CBD may be a way to ease what is often a difficult journey. There is some promising but limited research on the effectiveness of CBD for those trying to break addictions, but much larger scale studies are needed before we can say with certainty that CBD is the “key.”

What we do know is that when someone quits drinking or smoking, at the very least they will have to reprogram behavioral/environmental triggers, and at worst their bodies will go through withdrawal symptoms. And CBD can help with that.


If you reach for a cigarette every time you start to feel anxiety creeping in or have a beer with dinner every night, you have behavioral and environmental triggers that perpetuate the habits you might now be trying to break. Even if you don’t have a physical addiction to alcohol, having a drink every night with dinner can be a difficult habit to break. Your brain expects dinner and drinks to occur together, and now you’re trying to re-program it to separate the two —that’s hard work!

One known way to break these connections is to replace one thing with another. This is one way that using CBD can help. For example, instead of reaching for a cigarette when you are feeling stressed, why not replace that cigarette with a few drops of CBD oil? Not only will you be breaking down the old habit, but you will also be building a new, healthier one.  CBD is non-addictive, and one of the top reasons people use it is to combat anxiety. Double win!


If you are trying to smoke less or quit cigarettes altogether, CBD can help. According to the CDC, symptoms of nicotine withdrawal can last between 2-4 weeks and include:

  • Having an urge/craving to smoke
  • Feeling irritable, crabby, or upset
  • Feeling restless and jumpy
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Hunger or weight gain
  • Anxiety, sadness, or depression

If you’ve chosen to change your lifestyle to give up alcohol, whether for a month or for good, your body and brain will have a new normal to get used to. Even if you only experience a few physical symptoms, that’s a LOT to be dealing with in addition to trying to change behavior patterns. But the good news is that CBD Oil like ours can help with the worst of the symptoms. Here are just some of the ways our customers have used CBD to ease discomfort:

  • Reduce cravings
  • Improve sleep
  • Decrease stress or anxiety
  • Reduce depression
  • Ease headaches or migraines


While changing up our habits can throw our systems off at first, sometimes these changes need to happen to get our bodies and minds to a happier and healthier place. Getting through those first few weeks can be especially tough, but you don’t have to do it cold turkey or without any support (in fact, we don’t recommend you do!). Using a product like our 2400 mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil can help ease your body through the transition and at the same time helps you build a new, healthier foundation for your daily wellness routine.

Once your system falls into balance, you will notice a positive change.

“I wasn’t sick. I didn’t have any specific aches and pains. But… I just feel better,” reported one of our customers. “All around healthier, more in balance.”

And that’s what we hope for you, too. Balance. In 2023 and beyond.

We truly believe in our product, and we want you to as well, which is why we’re offering 20% off to new customers. Just use the code TY20. Go on, give it a try. And Thank You for trying Rational.


Rational Hemp is regulatory-compliant and contains trace levels of THC under 0.3%.  While we know of no instance where a drug test came back positive after using our Hemp Extract, we cannot guarantee this result. Speak to a physician before using CBD if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking prescription medications.

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