A typical daily dose of 20 to 40mg of CBD means our 1 oz bottle will last you 60 to 120 days — a lot longer than the competition. #affordablecbd

Why Rational Hemp is the Rational Choice for CBD

CBD Pricing Gets Rational

What is the Rational Difference?

We care about people receiving the benefits of full spectrum CBD oil

We have introduced many people to the difference phytocannabinoids can make by helping their bodies naturally achieve homeostasis.
Our whole plant tincture delivers phytonutrients including terpenes, chlorophyll, essential fatty acids and the full range of cannabinoids found in hemp.

We care about price and affordability.

We offer an undiluted 30ml bottle with 2400mg of CBD and a half-size 15ml bottle with 1200mg CBD for 40 to 60% below prevailing market prices.

Our CBD is under 4 cents per mg – the competition charges 10 to 17 cents.

We care about Quality and Consistency.

Our Kentucky hemp farmers have their own in-house FDA-registered processing facility, meaning every bottle of Rational Hemp is consistent and traceable from ‘seed to shelf.’ We do third party testing and analysis not once but twice — with two separate independent labs.

We care about educating our customers. 

Too many newcomers to the world of CBD have been underdosing and overpaying. Despite the prevailing CBD hype, you don’t need to buy a bottle with 300mg or 500mg of CBD to ‘start out’ — Just use your dropper with our full strength tincture to adjust your dose based on your needs.

We care about you. This is the Rational Difference.

We Offer One Product

We Offer One Product in Two Sizes with the same high-quality, high-density tincture in each.

— A 30ml/1 ounce bottle containing 2400mg of CBD

— A half size 15ml/.5 ounce bottle containing 1200 mg of CBD

All of our batches are thoroughly tested by an independent lab and our Certificates of Analysis (COAs) can be viewed by clicking here and can be instantly reached from our packaging QR code.

Why are we offering Rational for under $.04 per mg when the competition ranges from $.10 to $.17 per mg? Because we care about your health. We believe in the benefits of CBD and we do not want the prevailing high market prices to limit access.

Rational is not diluted.
Our two sizes are *full strength. Most of our competitors dilute their CBD Oil from 2400mg down to 1500mg, 1000mg and even as low as 500 or 300mg in a 30ml bottle. A full dropper from a 30ml bottle with 500mg of CBD is only 16mg while a QUARTER dropper of Rational Hemp from either bottle is 20mg of CBD. Our 30ml bottle provides 60 to 120 servings and our 15ml bottle 30 to 60 servings.

*2400mg is the maximum amount of CBD you can have in a 30ml bottle without tipping over the regulatory-complaint .03% THC level.

Rational is Full Spectrum
That means that our Whole Plant Tincture has more than CBD. There are more than 100 different cannabinoids in our extract – including measurable amounts of CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN and CBDA, and every one is sorted and distributed throughout the body by the Endocannabinoid System. Be wary of isolate solutions that have peeled away CBD from the other parts of the hemp plant.


Rational Hemp not only has More CBD in Every Drop but we are less expensive per mg as well.

Choose a 30ml bottle or a half size, same strength 15ml bottle here.

Use & Dosing

Why buy a high “cost per mg” CBD Oil that has been diluted with additional hemp oil or MCT oil that does not contain any additional cannabinoids? Many people don’t consider this when choosing a CBD Oil and they are shortchanging themselves. Educating CBD consumers is critical.

There is no need to buy a diluted bottled —
Use Your Dropper to Adjust Your Dose of CBD Based on Your Needs.