2400 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

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  • 2400mg CBD in 30ml bottle
  • Ingredients: Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp-Derived CBD
  • Third-Party Lab Tested with Certificate of Analysis for each batch here
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

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Our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract is sourced from an 8th generation Kentucky hemp farmer with time-tested heirloom seed and an FDA-registered processing facility, so every bottle is consistent and traceable from ‘seed to shelf.’

  • Sustainably Farmed using Organic Methods
  • Made from Hemp Flowers and Buds Only
  • Pesticide Free
  • Vegan
  • U.S. Hemp Authority and GMP Certified
  • Regulatory compliant with less than .3% THC

Suggested Serving Size: Quarter to half a dropper containing 20 to 40mg CBD

Directions: Use the graduated dropper to adjust your dose. Place the solution under your tongue for a minute before swallowing.  Consistent use is recommended for best results.

Consult with a physician before use if you are pregnant, nursing or taking Rx medicine. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Keep your bottle away from heat and out of direct light.


18 reviews for 2400 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

  1. Denise

    I am a Stage 3.5 Colorectal Cancer patient / survivor. Along with the diagnosis of advanced cancer; chemo and radiation, and several major surgeries my journey to remission has thus far been successful while the unexpected side effects have been many. From grueling peripheral neuropathy to traveling residual radiation, both of which exacerbated my anxiety and quality of life, while trying to heal from the emperor of all maladies.  I have incorporated many recommended recovery remedies including a weighted blanket, vitamin therapy and yoga. By far, the most helpful remedy for managing my side effects has been Rational Hemp. I had tried other brands with little or no success. My radiation side effects have nearly disappeared, my neuropathy is manageable and my anxiety happily at bay.  Rational Hemp is THE superior CBD Oil on the market. There is NOTHING comparable. Rational Hemp CBD Oil has significantly helped me regain a pain free quality of life.

  2. Chris M

    I am fortunately not challenged financially but I love that Rational is the most aggressive discounter of the highest quality product in the market. These guys are great.

  3. Anne G

    Friends told me CBD would solve my sleep issues. (I have the smartest friends!) One is so smart she recommended Rational. I fall asleep in 5 minutes now, not an hour or more — and the best part is when I wake up, I am ready to go.

  4. Terri D

    My car was rear ended almost a year ago, landing me in the ER and seriously straining my neck. The doctors wanted to give me muscle relaxants and pills for nerve pain. After two months of Rational I can sleep on my stomach again — not on my back staring up at the ceiling. I even rub some Rational on my shoulders before bed and the knots are gone in the morning. All I can say is that it has worked wonders for me.

  5. Sam T

    I bike 30 to 50k a day — and I wake up without soreness every morning.

  6. JC

    I love this CBD! It helps me sleep like a baby and the price is great! The taste is strong, but I don’t care. Far superior to others I’ve tried!

  7. Zack

    Rational is the best quality and the best priced f.s. extract I have found..and believe me, I’ve searched around.

  8. Miriam C

    I’m sure I’m not alone when it comes to women of a certain age. I’ve had trouble sleeping through the night for years but I’m NO fan of prescription medications or over the counter sleep aids. Feel like I’ve finally turned a corner. Thank you.

  9. Pete R

    I play a lot of golf and tennis and I was definitely feeling it the next day. Now I take a half dropper every night and wake up thinking my arms and legs are 10 years younger.

    Hard to believe for a 66 year old. There must be something about the power of plants after all.

  10. Katie

    This is my favorite CBD oil that I’ve tried. I mainly use it for insomnia – it helps me gently fall asleep without feeling groggy or having any side effects the next day.

  11. Porter F.

    Rational Hemp’s CBD oil has dramatically reduced/eliminated my lower back pain from a lifetime of high impact sports and heavy training cycles. Their price and purity allows me to take the proper dose and continue to enjoy life to its fullest.

  12. Henry T

    I run a pharmacy in Connecticut and I was carrying two national brands. Then Rational Hemp showed me how with an undiluted 2400mg brand like theirs my customers can just adjust their dose based on their needs. And Rational is priced much more competitively. Price and Quality. Guess what brand my wife and I use at home? Rational.

  13. Darlene M

    I’ve suffered for years from arthritis in my hands. I rub the oil onto my knuckles at night and by the next morning I’m ready for action. Go figure.

  14. Amanda B

    I was a little put off by the taste. When they say Rational is pure and all natural — they mean it. But actually, after a few days I was totally used to it and really happy there wasn’t anything in there besides the hemp seed oil. As they say – it is what it is!

  15. Derek W

    I had a nervous twitch in my right eye for a year. No matter how much sleep I got, that twitch was back the next day. After two weeks of Rational – Boom! Gone. I don’t care how this stuff works– I just know it does for me.

  16. Tammy F

    Customer service with this company is splendid. Nice people, smart answers. Same day shipping and it’s free.

  17. Nicole A

    I decided to go with the half size first to see how I liked it. Full strength and undiluted = Amazing Value. I take a quarter of a dropper daily and the 15ml lasted two months!

  18. Jim C

    I read a lot of articles about CBD when it first became legal. The thing that most appealed to me was that it could be an effective anti inflammatory. After a lifetime of marathons and triathlons, free radicals are a real enemy. There are many antioxidants but after a year of consistent use I believe CBD is the best.

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