The recognition that CBD offers remarkable success in treating a variety of medical issues was a long time in coming. Too long. Political and commercial interests prevented this from happening sooner and as a result people in need did not have access to an effective and low-cost solution for feeling better.

CBD Oil is a disruptive product. People are finding it to be an effective solution for some of the physical and mental ailments they previously treated with prescription medications. We started Rational Hemp to further extend the disruption to dramatically lowering prices. Our goal is to make our FULL SPECTRUM HEMP EXTRACT affordable and accessible to as many as possible.

How do we deliver health and well being?

  • Sourcing and testing the highest quality and purest whole plant Hemp Extract with a full range of terpenes and cannabinoids. This provides what is referred to as the “entourage effect” from interaction with the extended phytocannabinoid family. Rational Hemp FULL SPECTRUM HEMP EXTRACT is derived through a state-of-the-art cold temperature ethanol process and processed in an FDA-registered food-processing facility.
  • Showing full transparency with the posting of independent lab results of each batch we distribute.
  • Giving customers a variety of options to acquire Rational Hemp products– from knowledgeable direct distributors, from retail stores, and from this website.
  • Pricing at the lowest levels possible so people can afford CBD.

We look forward to creating a dialog with our customers. Call, write or email with any comments or questions. We are here to serve.