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Why Full-Strength CBD Oil Is the Best Choice for You

Here at Rational Hemp, we have never strayed from our mission to provide you with Pure, Effective, and Affordable CBD for Wellness.

Our source has always been the same 8th-generation hemp farmer in Kentucky with their own FDA-approved processing plant.

We sell only full-strength full spectrum CBD oil, meaning 2400mg in a 30ml bottle or 1200mg in a 15ml bottle (the same strength oil, just in half size). Our full spectrum CBD oil only includes two ingredients: CBD and organic hemp seed oil.

While you may see some brands advertising CBD oil with 3000 or even 4000+ mg in a 30mL bottle, 2400mg is the maximum you can put in a 30mL bottle and still have it be full spectrum. If a brand is carrying a 30mL bottle with more than 2400mg, that means that the CBD oil is not pure full spectrum—there is CBD isolate added.

(You can learn more about the difference between full spectrum CBD oil, CBD isolate, and broad spectrum CBD in our blog, What Are Phytocannabinoids?)

Read on to learn more about why we only sell full-strength, full-spectrum CBD oil… and don’t miss out on the coupon code at the end of this blog!



Many brands sell anywhere from 300mg to 1500mg of CBD in a 30ml bottle and suggest you take a full dropper a day.

In theory, telling customers to just use a full dropper of whatever concentration they have seems like it’s a great way to simplify dosing. In practice, it leads to confusion and misconception about the “right” dose of CBD. The result? Customers don’t think to adjust their doses to fit what their body requires.

With the “one dropper” method, many people end up taking a dose that is too low – and not seeing any effects, they decide it “just doesn’t work for me.” In reality, they were probably underdosing. The truth is that everyone’s body chemistry is different, which means that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Want to learn more about what impacts your CBD dosage? Read our article, How to Calculate Your CBD Dosage.

Also, taking a full dropper per day means that you’ll run out of CBD faster. The cost of re-stocking can add up quickly, especially since most reputable brands charge way too much per mg of CBD.

Instead of a full dropper of another brand’s diluted, lower-strength oil, with Rational you take the dose you need – for most people a quarter to a half dropper daily.



We recommend you begin with 1/4 to 1/3 of a dropper per day and increase if you do not feel the desired results within one week. That means you have the full freedom needed to get your dose just right. Plus, your bottle of Rational will last much longer than other brands– two to four months. Think of it like concentrated laundry detergent – you don’t need to use as much.

Your dose will vary depending on what issues you are trying to resolve —  or whether you just want to get your body “in balance,”  but the below CBD dosage chart is a good place to start. For reference, a quarter dropper of our full spectrum CBD oil contains 20mg of CBD (a typically medium-strength dose for someone weighing between 130-135 lbs).

CBD dose chart by weightCBD dosage chart by weight and strength

And don’t forget… Rational is priced less per mg than almost any other reputable CBD brand. A 30ml bottle of our full-spectrum CBD oil costs just $89. Meanwhile, some other CBD brands are selling the same strength and bottle size for a whopping $185 or more. With Rational, you’re paying just $0.04 per mg, while some other brands would charge you $0.08 per mg or more. Yikes!

Read more about how customers are being overcharged for CBD in our article, Why are CBD Oil Prices Missing from All the CBD Ads in Your Feed?

Ready to give our rationally priced, pure and effective CBD oil a try? Until the end of June 2023, we’re offering 20% off of both our 30ml and 15ml bottles of full-spectrum CBD oil with code MAY20. Head on over to our shop to pick yours up today.


Rational Hemp is regulatory-compliant and contains trace levels of THC under 0.3%.  While we know of no instance where a drug test came back positive after using our Hemp Extract, we cannot guarantee this result. Speak to a physician before using CBD if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking prescription medications.

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