CBD oil prices are missing from big brand ads. Why? Because they're overpriced.
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Why are CBD Oil Prices Missing from All the CBD Ads in Your Feed?

There’s a dirty little secret in the CBD industry, and it’s this: CBD oil prices are way too high, and customers are getting massively overcharged. A few big brands tend to dominate advertising and social media promotions for CBD. These brands almost seem to be able to predict your curiosity, plastering ads across all your screens the second you even think of those three little letters: C-B-D.

How do they do it? With a huge marketing budget.

These brands often do provide very high-quality products, and they like to tout this to win over customers. They tick all the boxes:

  • Produced in the U.S.A.
  • Sourced from farmers following organic practices
  • Organic carrier oils such as hemp seed oil, MCT oil, or olive oil
  • Transparent labeling practices listing potency, dosage, suggested use, ingredients, and type of CBD (full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate)
  • Certified lab-tested products with COAs readily available

Not all CBD brands are reputable or trustworthy, so it’s logical to purchase CBD from a brand that obviously takes pride in its products, right? We agree, except for one eensy, teensy, tiny thing these big brands never seem to talk about: PRICE!

Remember when we mentioned the huge marketing budget some brands have? The truth is that it’s all paid for by the customer. The constant stream of inescapable ads on social media and other websites is all worked into the price you pay for the CBD oil.

High-quality CBD that checks all the boxes above really isn’t all that expensive, especially when made or purchased in bulk from the supplier. Yet, some of those big brands have CBD oil prices that are 10 to 20 times the cost of producing the product. Sure, the products do live up to their claims of quality, but the pricing practices aren’t fair to the customer.

We believe that customers should be able to get high-quality CBD oil products at a fair—rational—price. For us, that means full-spectrum hemp extract that checks all those same quality boxes—priced below $0.04 per mg.

That’s why we created our full-spectrum hemp extract, a product of the highest quality in full-strength.

We only offer our oil in full strength—2400 mg of CBD in a 30 ml bottle and 1200 mg of CBD in a half-size 15 ml bottle. Simply use your dropper to adjust the dose to match your needs, rather than using a full dropper each time (as is the case with less concentrated oils). You’ll pay less per mg of CBD and each bottle will last you longer—so you’re saving in more than one way. Order from our website and your CBD oil will be sent in a planet-friendly box with free same-day shipping via USPS First Class.

Next time you see the wave of CBD-related ads on your feed, we challenge you to notice whether the brand wooing you talks only about quality—or if they talk about a fair CBD oil price, too. Quality is absolutely key, but you should be able to get a quality product without breaking the bank.

If you’d like to learn more about comparing the cost of CBD products (and how to calculate the price per mg), check out our blogs How Much Should CBD Oil Cost? and CBD for Wellness: How to Choose the Right Product for You.

Rational Hemp is regulatory-compliant and contains trace levels of THC under 0.3%. While we know of no instance where a drug test came back positive after using our Hemp Extract, we cannot guarantee this result. Speak to a physician before using CBD if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking prescription medications.

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