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Choosing The Best CBD Oil

There are three things to look for in determining the price of quality CBD oil: full-spectrum, third party lab testing, and longevity. But in a supersaturated market, how do you know which is best for you? Choosing the best CBD oil is about creating homeostasis. You’re doing this for you, so that your body works better and you feel better.

Here are 3 ways to determine what CBD oil is best for your needs.

It Should Be Made In America

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, United States hemp cultivation is regulated. That makes it safe. When you look at a company’s website it should list American made, organic, and have a Certificate Of Analysis stating it was independent lab tested by a third party. So, when choosing the best CBD oil always look at the labels. Rational Hemps Full Spectrum Hemp Extract is undiluted, non-GMO, pesticide free, and sustainably grown using organic methods.

Checking out CBD labels should be no different than the way you’d compare labels at the grocery store. You’re putting this into your body. You have a right to know exactly what you’re consuming.

Choose The Form

CBD comes in three major forms: oil, edible, or vape pen. Each one varies in delivery. Oil, which is what Rational Hemp Full Spectrum Hemp Extract offers, is a liquid that goes under your tongue. It will act within an hour, and stay in your body for 4 to 6 hours, with positive benefits accruing over time.

Bioavailability is a key criteria. Edibles lose a fair amount of potency in the digestive tract. Vapes have high bioavailability but involve the introduction of other chemicals associated with vaping into the lungs, and they tend to wear off quickly. Oils, held under the tongue for a minute or two before swallowing, find their way immediately into your blood system.

When choosing the best CBD you need to figure out which delivery, and speed, you prefer.


The Right Dosage

CBD oil does not work for everyone. It really depends on the makeup of your own system. Same with dosing – its all individual. Many people buy 300mg bottles, take a full dropper every day, but never see the benefits because they are getting only 10mg a day of CBD, likely not enough for a therapeutic effect. When choosing the best CBD oil consider your dosage.

Rational Hemp’s Full Spectrum Hemp Extract contains hemp-derived CBD with organic hemp seed oil as a base, with 2400mg in 30ml (the most you can get in a 30ml bottle without tipping the .3% THC federal limit). An average bottle lasts two to four months, based on a typical dose of 20 to 40mg. However, it is worth noting that CBD oil should be part of a daily health regimen in order to benefit. Consistency is key for optimal results.

The next time you are looking for CBD consider the above. Is it American made? What form do you prefer? How much will you be consuming?

The best CBD oil is not determined by cost. A higher price does not mean a better product. If you are buying full spectrum CBD oil, it should not be more than 5 cents per mg or you are paying too much.

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