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Why 2400mg of CBD Oil Makes A Difference

CBD oil is about creating homeostasis. You’re doing this for you, so that your body works better and you feel better. Everyone’s body is unique, and your reason for using CBD oil may not be the same as someone else’s either. Dosage makes a difference, and our 2400mg CBD oil bottles give you all the options you need.

2400mg of CBD oil is the highest concentration you can get in a 30mL bottle without tipping the 0.3% THC federal limit. Yet, many CBD companies offer a confusing array of diluted products that are scaled anywhere from 200mg to 1500mg of CBD oil per 30mL. These options have a lower concentration of CBD, meaning that you get less of what you need—often at a greater price point.

When comparing CBD oil brands, sometimes the bottle is labeled with the number of mg delivered by the full dropper. For example, a 300mg bottle might be labeled “10” because 300mg divided by 30mL is 10 full droppers. A 600mg per 30mL bottle would be “20,” but would be empty in 20 days.

These set dosages don’t take into account that every individual responds differently to CBD or that CBD is a holistic therapy that should be used consistently over time, meaning it should be a part of your daily routine rather than something you only take every once in a while (as you might with pain killers). While 10mg might be the perfect starting amount for one person, buying a diluted bottle means that it won’t last as long, period. A 300mg bottle labeled “10” would run out after just 30 doses, whereas our 30mL 2400mg bottles of CBD oil would provide 240 10mL doses.

Having to choose between set dropper doses can make purchasing CBD oil unnecessarily confusing and expensive, or even leave people feeling like they didn’t benefit from CBD when in fact the real issue is that their dosage was too low.

But, if you’re new to CBD oil, why would you buy such a seemingly large dosage?

Buying a 2400mg bottle of CBD oil puts the control into the consumer’s hands. You control the dose by using a full or a fraction of the dropper depending on your needs. If you determine that 20mg is your best daily dose, you can get 120 doses of a quarter dropper each from a 30mL, 2400mg bottle. So, that single 2400mg CBD oil bottle will last four months. It’s the most economical way to buy CBD, and a great way to mathematically think about many ordinary purchasing habits.

Think of it like concentrated liquid laundry detergent. You use less for each wash, so the container lasts longer. It’s the same with a 2400mg bottle of CBD. You use less of the bottle each time because there is More CBD in Every Drop.

How do you determine your CBD oil dose?

Our 2400mg CBD oil bottles allows you the flexibility to adjust your dose and find the sweet spot for your body.

That’s where the “bigger” bottle makes a difference. You can start with ¼ of a dropper, or even ⅛, for a week to test how you feel. If you find that you need a stronger dose of CBD, no need to rush out and buy a different product–just work your way up to a larger dose using the same bottle. Easy. Rational.


Won’t 2400mg of CBD oil cost me more?

Unfortunately, the cost of CBD oil varies wildly from company to company, further adding to the confusion for consumers. It’s tempting to believe that a higher price tag means higher quality and doses, but that often isn’t the case. In fact, many other companies charge more for diluted CBD than we do for our undiluted 2400mg CBD oil (check out our cost comparison in this article), and our products are of the highest quality–pure, double lab tested, and, and U.S. Hemp Authority Certified.

It’s easy to get caught up on the pricing of things without taking a look at the math itself. The same way you’d look at cost per unit at a grocery store, you should be comparing the size and cost of CBD oil by mg. Divide the cost by the mg and you end up with how much you are spending. Suddenly buying that 2400mg bottle looks a lot more appealing to the wallet.

Let’s say you want to buy CBD oil online, take a typical dose of 20mg a day, and spend under $100…You find a bottle of 1000mg for $90, which would give you 50 doses – and it’s 9 cents per mg. A bottle of our 2400mg CBD oil at the same price would offer you 120 doses of 20mg – at only 3.8 cents per mg. Always do the math.

Rational Hemp’s Full Spectrum Hemp Extract is undiluted and all natural – just hemp-derived CBD and organic hemp seed oil. It tastes like a plant, which can take some getting used to. But above all, consistency is key to seeing long-term benefits as well as adjusting to the taste itself. While there are benefits to periodic use, most experts recommend CBD being a part of your daily health care regimen. Your endocannabioid system is steering you to homeostasis. You just have to produce the fuel and the consciousness.

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Rational Hemp is regulatory-compliant and contains trace levels of THC under 0.3%. While we know of no instance where a drug test came back positive after using our Hemp Extract, we cannot guarantee this result. Speak to a physician before using CBD if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking prescription medications.

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